Saturday, September 12, 2009

Resepi Tat Nenas

250 gram butter
50g icing sugar
½ camt vanilla
2 egg yolk

B: sift together
375g plain flour
20g corn flour

egg yolk to brush the rolled tart.
A: USING RIPE Pineapple
250g grated pineapple
125g sugar
½ camt essence

B:using of green Pineapple
3 whole pineapple, grated
4 cups sugar
2-3 kuntum bunga cengkih

Mix and cook over slow fire until sticky and lumpy ( almost 2 hours)

Blend butter and sugar until fluffy. add egg yolk and vanilla essence and mix well. Add in flour then knead untul became a smooth dough. Use the mold to press out app 3 inches strip then put jam in the middle and roll. Brush with egg yolk. Bake until golden yellow.

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